Training Options


Instructor led training by industry experts. Ideally suited for complex and example driven material where Q&A sessions are integral to assisting the students understanding of the topic. capacitateIQ’s certification courses typically require classroom training.


The majority of our Compliance and Technical training courses are delivered online through all online channels including mobile. Designed to engage the pupil it is the ideal method of letting the student fit training to their own or corporate schedule at their own pace. Most of our eLearning courses include optional online LABS to complete and reinforce the learning experience and come with certifications of completion. Delivered via a Learning Management System, elearning courses ensure managed, consistent and standardised training to all staff. We ensure that the courses are kept up to date with the latest industry and legal standards and local government rulings


We also provide bespoke training services, building courses peculiar to a customer’s particular requirements. Ideal for product training.


Combining Classroom and Interactive online course delivery, blended training provides an effective method of providing training for students from diverse backgrounds and geographically spread environments. The training is delivered by subject matter experts allowing for interaction between the student and tutor while letting the student study components of the course independently. Instruction is given to an individual or a group online via a readily available medium, such as Skype. Students are given direct access to e-books or presentations by the instructor – and are taught as if the students and teacher were together in a classroom. Together with our Learning By Email Courses, this learning method has been proven to both efficient and cost effective – in particular for remotely located students.