Course Objectives:

The main objectives of the capacitateIQ Responsible Service of Gaming course include the following: 

> The responsible gaming service procedures according to the country relevant rules, laws and regulations – plus the industry and organisational policy or codes of conduct     

> Be able to communicate with appropriate personnel on gambling-related incidents or situations and compliance with legislation and industry and organisational policy     

> Provide accurate and appropriate information on problem gambling to customers on request

> Follow procedures for self-exclusion and exclusion requests according to legislation, industry and organisational policy and confidentiality and privacy requirements

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Responsible Service of Gaming – Philippines

iGaming & Casinos/Hospitality


Duration: 1 – 4 hours (dependant on pace)


Offering Socially Responsible Gaming is becoming a core requirement of the Gaming Industry. Problem gaming in particular is recognised as a growing issue around the world including the Philippines. As such, those responsible for facilitating these gaming services need to understand best practice for providing socially responsible gambling services.

The capacitateIQ Responsible Gaming Services course is an internationally recognised certification that fully complies with the Philippines rules, laws and regulations that are related to the responsible service of gaming in the Philippines. This course can be customized to the specific requirements of each Gaming Company and Jurisdiction.

Target Audience:

The capacitateIQ Responsible Service of Gaming training course covers the skills and knowledge requirements needed by anyone working, or seeking to work, in the Gaming Industry, including:      

> Licensees, directors and management

> Gaming machine attendants

> Table game attendants

> Croupiers

> Food & beverage attendants

> Staff of a registered venue

> Hard and Soft Count and Cage staff

> Any staff who patrol or serve in the gaming area

> Any other service-staff

> Security staff

> Promotional and administration staff

> Any other staff where gaming services are available

> Any volunteers

Course Overview:

On completion of our Responsible Gaming Services course, participants will be eligible to be deemed competent to be able to responsibly provide gambling services in a range of environments. Through the course, participants will learn:


> The benefits of Responsible Service of Gaming       

> Problem gaming      

> Harm minimization     

> The country’s gaming laws       

> The laws regarding minors, under-aged persons, PEP (politically exposed persons) and other persons not permitted to game       

> Offences and penalties       

> Gaming signage     

> Exclusions – self and venue       

> Strategies and best practices to conduct gambling responsibly      

> Venue self-audit checklists       

> Player prizes and winnings payment

> How gaming laws affect employees of licensed premises

Course Assessment:

To achieve a nationally recognised qualification, participants are required to complete a multiple-choice assessment examination – and when you finish this course and the assessment examination, you’ll be able to:

> Meet the local legal requirements for Responsible Service of Gaming

> Understand the law, codes of conduct and standards for Gaming operations

> Provide information and advice to customers about problem gambling and support services

> Instigate self- and venue-initiated exclusion and maintain records

> Ensure that responsible gaming procedures are followed

> Refuse service professionally

> Provide customer service and conflict resolution

Community-wide and Industry-wide Benefits:

From a health, legal, social and moral standpoint, the supply of gaming services has a direct impact on those who are in contact with it – and an indirect, but no less important impact on those directly impacted. It is therefore important to create an atmosphere where gaming services can be supplied and enjoyed in a socially responsible manner. 

Our Responsible Service of Gaming course helps to promote safety (harm minimization) in venues where there are gaming machines, including how to recognize and react responsibly to gambling problems and addiction. 


> Staff gain a better understanding of the gaming products and services that their venue provides and the possible effect of problem gaming on a person, the families, and community and country more broadly       

> Customers are provided a safe environment in which they can responsibly enjoy gaming services       

> The responsible service of gaming will minimize risk factors and the legal issues resulting from the effects of problem gaming       

> Improved reputation as an organisation that is socially responsible with Responsible Service of Gaming-certified staff