Learning Management System

Our LMS solutions have everything you need to deploy, schedule and manage your workforce training.

Fully Managed

capacitateIQ offer comprehensive and cost effective LMS solutions. One is specifically designed for the Gaming and Hospitality Industries, and the other for Local Business and Academic Environments.

Both are offered as a fully managed, highly secure, Cloud Based services imposing no infrastructure or skills requirements on our customers.

World's Best

We have partnered with IGAcademy © to provide the world’s best globally proven Gaming and Hospitality specific LMS.

For our local financial, co-Operative and academic customers we offer our own LMS


In both cases we tailor the LMS to your environment offering a complete customer white label portal specific to your environment including bespoke eLearning courses. We will even convert your existing material to the eLearning environment.

Contact us for further information on our LMS solutions.