Course Objectives:

Understand the fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies and how Blockchain technology is being used to create a new financial systems and commercial exchanges Participants will be able to:

  1. > Simplify and demystify what cryptocurrencies are
  2. > Understand what can go wrong and what can go right
  3. > Go beyond Bitcoin to explore why they are so popular

Cryptocurrency and Exchanges – An IGAcademy © Course

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Duration – 4 hours


Get an understanding of the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency. This eLearning course simplifies and demystifies cryptocurrencies and exchanges, exploring the key opportunities and covering perceived threats.

Target Audience:

Professionals from the financial and commercial industries – legal, finance, insurance, gaming, accountancy and business management – looking to develop an applied understanding of this new technology.

Course Overview:

Blockchain is best known for its application to Crypto currencies. Blockchain overcomes issues as to how to transfer value electronically. It introduces an entirely new structural, secure, system of exchange. Innovative technologists and businesses are developing new ways of working with this system, either through developing new cryptocurrencies, investing in them or trading them.

The different types of currencies can be subdivided into Digital Cash (cryptocurrency), Utility Tokens and Tokenised Securities. In this course you will be introduced to these classifications, learn to identify specific features, find out how crypto-assets are acquired, liquidated, stored and traded. You’ll explore the double-spend problem and other crucial features. Popular exchanges will share how they work with wallets, ICOs, Tokens and hard and soft forks. Understand how equity ownership can be tokenised and the impacts this will have on traditional models.

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